Product News - Meet your new companion: JEM Hazer Pro™
Meet your new companion: JEM Hazer Pro™
Posted: 9/18/2014
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JEM Hazer Pro™
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We’re pleased to introduce you to the newest member of our professional hazer family.

The new JEM Hazer Pro is the successor to the long-serving JEM K1 Hazer and represents the culmination of methods and technologies developed by the JEM R&D team during the development of both the Compact Hazer Pro and the Ready 365.

By introducing the new JEM Hazer Pro we complete the range of efficient, reliable and compact professional hazers.

The JEM Hazer Pro: 

• 45 % smaller than the K1
• 30 % / 6,5 kg lighter than the K1
• 110 % higher output than the K1
• Uses C+ Haze Fluid for the finest haze output
• Smoother, more consistent output than the K1
• Fluid capacity 2.5 L - 10 hours on full output.

Products rely on passionate people
Like pets rely on their owners, products rely on passionate people. Although we develop and manufacture innovative and high-tech products for the industry based on feedback and market demands, we also realise that it is when people apply their passion to working with our products that magic happens. Check out the passionate people in our industry and share your own passion now.

Come to experience the magic first-hand and meet JEM Hazer Pro and the rest of your new companions at LDI in November.

Ordering and delivery
JEM Hazer Pro is now shipping.

P/N 92225945 JEM Hazer Pro 120V
P/N 92225940 JEM Hazer Pro 230V

P/N 92765041  Remote Control, JEM Hazer Pro
P/N 92610002 Flying kit, JEM Hazer Pro

Any questions, you’re welcome to contact: Jason Andrews. For the USA, contact Justin Cicerone, Product & Application Support - Smoke.
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