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Posted: 3/26/2014
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Martin ShowDesigner™RUSH MH 5 ProfileRUSH DC 1 Aqua
VC-Grid 60™VC-Grid 30™VC-Grid 15™
VC-Strip 60™VC-Strip 30™VC-Strip 15™
MAC Quantum Profile™
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MAC Quantum Profile™
This fully featured LED profile sets new standards for combined performance, weight and size. It represents the latest in LED technology which in combination with Martin’s proprietary optical design delivers a crisp and bright output.

The MAC Quantum Profile is designed to please all around. Weighing in at only 22 kg without compromising performance and speed, it’s compact size and precise movements will wow audiences, designers and technicians alike. And being great value for money, the MAC Quantum Profile offers a speedy return on investment.

Get more information about MAC Quantum Profile.

Ordering and delivery
Expected shipping release: End of June 2014
P/N MAC Quantum Profile (CB) 90240000
P/N MAC Quantum Profile (FC) 90240010

VC family
The family of VC-Grids™ and VC-Strips™ is expanding. More grids and strips have been added to fit the requirements and demands for different pixel pitch in various projects such as architectural installations, stage design and TV set design. These Creative LED Video products are now available in 15, 25, 30 and 60 mm pixel pitch. The power of the P3 and the PowerPort brings flexibility and simplicity to the use of these products, while our calibration technology makes sure uniformity stays perfect.

New accessories for the VC family of products
A broad range of accessories for the VC-Dots, VC-Strips and VC-Grids are now available. These mounting solutions and optical accessories will make these products even more versatile in use.

Read more about the new VC-Grids and VC-Strips.

Ordering and delivery
Expected shipping release: End of May 2014
•P/N VC-Grid 16x16 15 RGB: 90357540
•P/N VC-Grid 8x8 30 RGB: 90357550
•P/N VC-Grid 8x8 60 RGB: 90357560
•P/N VC-Grid 4x4 60 RGB: 90357570
•P/N VC-Strip 32x1 15 RGB: 90357440
•P/N VC-Strip 16x1 15 RGB: 90357450
•P/N VC-Strip 16x1 30 RGB: 90357460
•P/N VC-Strip 8x1 30 RGB: 90357470
•P/N VC-Strip 8x1 60 RGB: 90357480
•P/N VC-Strip 4x1 60 RGB: 90357490
•P/N Set of 10 VC-Grid 15/30/60 Mounting Frames: 91611560
•P/N Set of 8 VC-Grid/Strip 25 Lens Arrays Narrow: 91611540

Expected shipping release: End of March 2014
•P/N Set of 10 VC-Dot 9 Diffuser Spheres: 91611530

Martin ShowDesigner 6™
This is the largest overall update of the 3D Lighting Design program since MSD 5 in 2007. Included in the update is a completely new user interface that will speed up your work and increase your productivity.

All design elements such as truss, fixtures and textures can simply be dragged and dropped onto the new multi-view 3D visualizer for instant results.

Read more about Martin Showdesigner 6.

Ordering and delivery
Download available from: April 2014
P/N MSD 6 Pro: 90756060


RUSH MH 5 Profile™
This compact and super bright 75 W LED profile moving head with efficient optics, punches out a variety of effects and colors. With two color wheels, two gobo wheels and rotating prism the MH 5 Profile offers full effect in a super compact housing, making it perfect for DJs, bands, clubs, bars, cruise ships and installations where small footprint and low weight is critical.

RUSH DC 1 Aqua™
This compact and bright LED fixture projects brilliant aquatic decoration effects. With full electronic dimming, five selectable colors plus open white, split color options and a variable speed of effect, it offers a variety of ranging moods – from chill to warm and from a silent trickle to a surging waterfall. It’s ideal for shows, clubs or simply your own personal party, the RUSH DC 1 Aqua will wash liquid light through the crowd, the lounge, across walls and above bar counters.

Get more details about the RUSH MH 5 Profile and RUSH DC 1 Aqua

Ordering and delivery
Expected shipping release: June 2014
P/N RUSH MH 5 Profile: 90280040
P/N RUSH DC 1 Aqua: 90480050