BigLite 4.5 (Discontinued)

The brightest, fastest, feature-rich 4500W fixture on the market today.

Indoors or outdoors, the BigLite throws a massive light output through a real-time CMY color mixing system and various diffusion effects.

  • Revolutionary single arm moving yoke design
  • 4500W Xenon lamp
  • Standard DMX 512 control
  • Ultra fast Pan and Tilt
  • Full color mixing via 3 color changing scroller cartridges with 12 frames each, fitted with 7 color densities
  • Diffusion effects such as frost and beam shaping
  • Electronic dimming / strobing via ballast
  • Mechanical shutter cartridge
  • Cartridges are designed for quick change plug & play
  • Cartridges operate on standard DMX 512 for bench maintenance
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